How to keep bees and wasps out of your pool?

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Bees are a valuable resource for farmers and gardeners. They pollinate crops, help control pests, and produce honey. But bees can be very disturbing when you want to swim and enjoy the pool. We have brought you tips on how to keep the bees away from the pool without harming them. In addition, wasps are animals that are drawn to water by nature. We have brought you the recommended methods to keep them away and make sure that they will not be in your pool.

Why don’t you want to kill the bees?

Bees play an important role in our ecosystem. They help pollinate plants, which helps produce the food we eat. The bees have been disappearing from our world in recent years, so I strongly advise you not to kill the bees. Every bee nest you kill will cause a lack of flower pollination. If you have a garden near the house, you will certainly be happy that bees will pollinate your flowers and allow your plants to grow and reproduce.
Therefore, our recommendation is never to kill the bees but to find alternative ways to keep them away from the water and the pool.

Why bees are attracted to pools?

Beekeepers know that bees are attracted to water. Some scientists believe that this is because the water in a pool contains minerals and salts that are attractive to bees. Other theories suggest that pools become havens for bees when weather conditions outside are unfavorable.

How to keep bees away from your pool?

Install a bee guard

This is a metal or plastic fence that’s installed on the side of your pool. The fence will keep the bees out of the pool, and you can enjoy swimming without fear of being stung.

Create structures in your garden that are attractive to bees.

These could be flower boxes, birdhouses, or other interesting objects. If you have a lot of flowers around your pool, consider planting bee-friendly plants in these boxes instead of flowers that are attractive to bees but harmful to them (like roses).

Use floating devices to keep bees away from the water

These devices look like large bubbles and hang from the roof or sides of the pool. When it rains, these devices collect water and float off, keeping the bees away from the water.

 Install an electronic repellent device

There are also electronic repellents available that emit an unpleasant odor when disturbed by bees. Place these near your pool during warm weather days when there is the high activity by honeybees nearby.

Keep the pool covered when not in use

Pool coverings can help to keep bees away from the pool. A cover that is made of a material that bees cannot penetrate, such as plastic, will help to keep them out. Some people choose to use an enclosure around the entire pool instead of just a cover, in order to further deter bees.

What to do if you have a bee hive near your pool?

If you have a bee hive near your pool, there are a few things you can do to keep the bees away. First, make sure that the hive is not in direct contact with the water. Try to position it at a distance away from the pool. Second, make sure that there are no floating objects in or around the pool that could be used by the bees as homes. Finally, check if the bees are bothering you, if they are bothering you, contact a beekeeper who will take the hive and transfer it to his hive.

How to Keep Wasps Away from Your Pool?

Wasps love water! Much more than bees. Therefore, it will be much more difficult for you to keep the wasps away from the pool. On the other hand, wasps are also less essential for the pollination of plants than bees. 

Although they are less important, wasps are also important for pollination, so don’t kill them too quickly. Before eliminating the nest, it is recommended to try some solutions that we will provide later in the article.

But first: Why wasps are attracted to pools

There are a few reasons why wasps are attracted to pools. One reason is that the water in pools has a high level of sugar. Wasps are attracted to this sugar and will build nests near the pool. Another reason is that wasps love water droplets. When a wasp lands on water droplets, it gets wet and can start foraging for food.

How to keep wasps away from your pool?

Put a fake hornet’s nest

Wasps are very territorial creatures. If they see another group’s wasp nest near the pool they will move away and build their nest elsewhere. It is recommended to buy such a nest and try to use it to keep the wasps away.

Install Screened Pool Covers

Screening your pool is an effective way to keep bees away. Pool covers provide a barrier between the bees and the pool water, preventing them from accessing the water. There are a few different types of screened pool covers available, so find one that best suits your needs. Some covers have openings that allow for bees to pass through, while others have solid panels that keep them out completely. 

Time catches insects

You can hire an insect catcher or look for a flying insect enthusiast to come capture the nest and move it to the open field or to its hive.

The last solution: insecticide

wasp nest

If you are unable to keep the wasps away, and after making sure they are wasps and not bees, you can use an insecticide and spray around their nest, or alternatively grab their nest and destroy it. After destroying the nest, the wasps will roam the area for a few hours and then disperse. It is important that you note that these are wasps and not bees (I have attached pictures of the two nests so that you can tell the difference.)