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If you have a swimming pool that plants and bushes surround, you may notice a massive amount of debris or leaves finding their way into it now and then.

You can remove the leaves in your pool using skimmers, nets, or vacuums. On the other hand, the most efficient way of eliminating these annoying leaves is through the use of a vacuum cleaner intended to eradicate leaves.

Cleaning a swimming pool leaves a very challenging and difficult endeavor for all pool owners. As a result, it is better to pick a robotic swimming pool cleaner that can perform the job independently. What is more, this kind of pool cleaner is much more advanced compared to usual pool cleaners and at the same time gives scheduled cleaning features. If you’re an on-the-go person and don’t have enough time to clean the leaves in your pool, we highly recommend buying robotic pool cleaners.

Aside from saving time, using a robotic vacuum cleaner also gives you a better cleaning experience, and the job can be done as fast as possible.

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Review of the Top 5 Best Vacuum Pools for Leaves

 A robotic pool cleaner is considered the best when it comes to picking up the leaves in your pool. They are also available in an array of budgets.  There are units that cost less than $500 while others can be bought for more than $1000. They have varying features, making it confusing to choose the one to purchase.

This article will review the top 5 best vacuum pools for leaves available. These products are not just effective in picking up leaves but also other types of dirt present in your pool. So, sit back, relax and keep on reading!

Polaris 9650iQ Sport Robotic Cleaner

If you search for automatic vacuum pool cleaner in-ground swimming pools, look no further than Polaris 9650iQ.

This smartphone-enabled, intelligent robot swimming pool cleaner rules the automatic swimming pool cleaners market because of its state-of-the-art features. Even expert tech-savvy people would agree.

You can control this vacuum pool cleaner for leaves using the state-of-the-art iAqualink Control App on r smartphone. This allows you to clean your swimming pool from anywhere and on any day. It is now easier to schedule pool maintenance with this tool. The app informs you when the integrated canister is already dirty and requires some cleaning.

It is vital to maintain the cleanliness of the canister. If it gets approximately ¾ full, it will no longer pick up leaves. Therefore, you have to pay attention to it. It also holds a reasonable amount, and typically you can get manifold cleanings prior to44 emptying it.

It is also integrated with a long cable as well as a spin system which prevents knotting and intertwining while it moves around performing its task.

The state-of-the-art Polaris 9650iQ vacuum pool cleaner also comes with a four-wheel-drive that allows easy cleaning of the swimming pools walls, ground, as well as waterline. It’s even armed to move along the stairs of the pool and tight areas, so your swimming pool is 100 percent clean.


  • User-friendly, easy to schedule regular swimming pool maintenance
  • Eliminate leaves and algae on pools walls fast and easy
  • Superb suction power
  • Works on swimming pool stairs as well as around corners


  • Costly but considered a good investment

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If you own an in-ground or above swimming pool,  we recommend the Nautilus CC from Dolphin. It is the best option to clean the dirt and leaves. This is a reliable automatic swimming pool cleaner that doesn’t utilize random cleaning patterns; as an alternative, it smartly scans the pool as well as eliminates dirt and debris via optimizing the movements. 

What makes this vacuum pool cleaner apart from the rest is the integrated brushes that are very efficient and reliable in brushing. This gets rid of even the smallest algae on the pool’s walls and grounds, leaving the water clean and crystal clear. 

It is highly advisable to buy an extra-fine basket, which is only available for less than $100. What is more, it does a fantastic job of getting rid of finer particles such as sediment and sand.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with Cleverclean technology that is not just energy-efficient but also cleans the whole pool while optimizing the movements. It also has a very powerful 4000gph suction, is super lightweight, only weighs 14 pounds, and has a 50 feet cable. 


  • Nimble and compact
  • Setting up is fast and easy
  • User-friendly
  • You can program this tool to schedule cleaning every couple of days
  • Works on many types of pool surfaces like tile, granite, etc.
  • You can handle it with ease
  • Easy to clean
  • Water release easily


  • There are instances that it stalls on swimming pool steps and ladders

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AIPER Seagull 600 Cordless 

If you want a pool clear that is cordless and at the same time available for a very low price but without compromising the quality of cleaning, AIPER Seagull 600 Cordless is indeed the ideal choice.

State-of-the-art AIPER Seagull 600 vacuum pool cleaner works well both on the above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. It is integrated with a very powerful motor and reliable scrubbers that get rid of debris and algae from the walls and the bottom of the swimming pool. The 180-micron filter traps it and stops it from being going back into your swimming pool.

The integrated self-parking feature is also exceptional. You can buy this vacuum cleaner for as low as $500 only, and it does the amazing task of cleaning a small swimming pool. It is compact and small and does the task of cleaning a small to mid-sized swimming pool well. With this effective and reliable robotic swimming pool cleaner, you will not just save a considerable amount of money but also time and energy in terms of pool cleaning and picking up the leaves.


  • Very cost-efficient
  • Time-saving cleaning the whole pool in just a few minutes
  • User-friendly vacuum pool cleaner
  • Easy to setup
  • The integrated filter is very effective in eliminating dirt
  • Superb customer service


  • Doesn’t clean floating algae as well as bigger leaves more than four inches
  • It doesn’t clean pool walls; you can try the Seagull 3000 or the Seagull 1500 if you like this function.

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Metalix Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner

This is one of the best vacuum pools cleaners for leaves. Rich features along with a low price make this unit the best value robot cleaner. 

This vacuum pool cleaner is integrated with an auto-mapping system to make sure no spots or corners are left behind. The integrated high-capacity double filters help in keeping the dirt and debris trapped inside, which includes big leaves. 

The integrated four-wheel drive technology assists this unit in climbing walls without issues, and its l 360-degree swivel system keeps less tangling. 

It has a filter basket that can hold 190 cubic inches of debris and dirt; The Robotic Pool Cleaner also comes with a 60 foot cable and is very energy efficient. It rotates 85 GPM for cleaning without chemicals. In addition, this pool vacuum has active scrubbing brushes and is available with a two-year warranty.


  • This vacuum cleaner does a superb task of cleaning dirt and algae from pools walls as well as the bottom
  • You can easily remove the filters and are able to trap massive debris and dirt
  • The scrubbing brush gets rid of algae as well as trapped leaves regardless of size


  • Hard to maintain and clean filters
  • The integrated scrubbing brush is set up that doesn’t reach all corners and edges.
  • Inadequate user manual

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PAXCESS Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

PAXCESS Cordless is one of the best vacuum cleaners available today. It is totally cordless and armed with a 500mah lithium battery to obtain 60 to 90 minutes of remarkable cleaning performance. 

It has navigation technologies; therefore, you get optimized coverage with utmost cleaning with competence. It is also integrated with dual easy-to-adjust jet nozzles, which allows you to control the radius of the coverage and avoid spots from being missed. You can also adjust the nozzle between zero to twenty degrees and zero to forty degrees when there are hindrances at the base of the swimming pool. 

This vacuum pool cleaner is integrated with an extremely powerful suction, which removes twigs, leaves, bugs, and other types of debris with ease. 

This vacuum cleaner is armed with amazing features like IPX8 waterproof, easy to adjust nozzles, pre-installed navigation technology, charging ports, 180-micron filter, super lightweight, automatic docking, and max depth of 6.6 feet. 


  • Well designed and very innovative
  • Reasonably priced
  • Compact and super lightweight


  • It takes a lot of time to charge fully.
  • Not effective when it comes to filtering algae and sand particles
  • No, handle to eliminate the cleaner when done

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These vacuum cleaners do an amazing task in eliminating leaves and the swimming pool. These units come with scrubbing brushes and filter baskets that trap twigs, leaves as well as other forms of dirt. Any product you choose from this list will surely provide you a reliable and efficient pool cleaning.