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A lot of swimming owners would agree that it is not an exaggeration to say that the development of automatic swimming pool cleaners revolutionized the maintenance of the swimming pool. While keeping swimming pools clean is very vital for many reasons, in the past, swimming pool maintenance was hard and time-consuming and often involved hard work. Today, however, with the assistance of automatic pool cleaners for in-ground swimming pools, keeping the pool clean and inviting is far easier as well as far more convenient.

If this is your first time buying an automatic pool cleaner to make life and pool maintenance routine easier, you might find the long list of available models puzzling and somewhat overwhelming.  Yet, by getting yourself armed with vital information about the main categories of available in-ground pool cleaners and the features, pros, and cons, you can make an educated option so that you’ll end up with a product that will work for you well and your pool too.

At the same time, it is also vital to keep in mind many factors that are associated with your personal conditions and your specific in-ground pool. For instance, the budget will be one of the major factors which will affect your final choice.  What is more, the shape and size of your swimming pool are vital considerations, as are the kinds of debris commonly found in the swimming pool and the difficulty of installation and operation which you’re eager to undertake.

pool vacuum for inground pool

What is the Best Vacuum Pool Cleaner Available for In-Ground Pools?

As mentioned above, there are many kinds of vacuum cleaners available out there, but the most reliable and dependable one is the robotic pool cleaner. They stand out when it comes to features and cleaning capability.

Top Vacuum Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools

Here is the list of the top vacuum pool cleaner for in-ground pools available on the market today. Read carefully to determine which one is ideal for you!

Dolphin Premier Robotic

State-of-the-art Dolphin Premier Robotic is considered one of the best and most reliable robotic pool cleaners available for in-ground pools. To clean the surface of the swimming pool, Dolphin Premier is extremely versatile for climbing and cleaning the walls. The integrated smart technology keeps monitor of where the cleaner has gone so as to make the most out of the pool cleanliness.

It is also integrated with 3- cleaning accessories like a big leaf bag, a standard cartridge for a swimming pool that require superior cleaning, as well as a micro-filter, which is ideal for keeping swimming pools at the best level of spotlessness.

This in-ground swimming pool cleaner also comes with smart control. It is armed with a weekly timer; therefore, you do not need to remember to set the pool cleaning. Also, it is integrated with a knot-free swivel; therefore, you will never come home to figure out that your cleaner got stuck in the edge of your pool and did not do its job. This unit works very well, though it is considered the priciest model on the list.

This is not ideal for all swimming pool owners due to its price tag; however, if you want the best for your pool, then this is worth considering.


  • Cleans floor and walls
  • Smart control
  • Many cleaning functions
  • Tangle or knot-free swivel


  • Expensive

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Polaris F9450

This is one of the most effective in-ground pool vacuum cleaners on the list. The integrated vacuum is four times as efficient as those integrated on the same models, providing a clean and tidy pool in just a few minutes.

This model can also scrub walls and pool surfaces, so there is no need for you to touch up any corners or areas by hand. What makes this model exceptional is the integrated feature called waterline-only mode that drives the cleaner along the waterline, the nastiest looking part of a lot of swimming pools and an area that a lot of robotic pool cleaners find hard to reach and access.

This is a programmable vacuum pool cleaner. This can be set on a one-week cycle, which allows for many diverse cleaning operations every week. However, like other robotic pool cleaners, it also comes with an issue like it is not great in picking up fine grime. In some areas, that will never be an issue, and in others, you will need to put up additional funds to buy a filter for fine dirt. In general, this is a good model and will surely help you in cleaning the in-ground swimming pool.


  • Scrubs on floors and walls
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Waterline only mode
  • One-week programmable cycle


  • Not effective in picking up fine dirt

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Robotic Pool Cleaner Cobalt

If you are searching for an in-ground pool cleaner that is easy to use, then a Cobalt pool cleaner is a perfect choice.  You have to consider this pool cleaner, especially if this is your first time. It is termed as a good starter swimming pool cleaner. On the other hand, the superb thing many people say about this unit is that it is reasonably priced, and it offers fast access to a cartridge; therefore, you will not need to spend more time cleaning the gathered debris.

On the other hand, it also comes with some issues like quality control. Many units are dead upon arrival or break easily. However, these issues are outweighed by the pros this product offers, including the cord, which is not prone to tangles and can clean the entire pool. If you reside in a dusty place, you will surely love this model as it does a good job of cleaning small dirt. This product is expensive, but it has lots of benefits and features to offer.


  • Easy access to the cartridge
  • Able to clean the entire swimming pool
  • Effective in picking fine dirt


  • Issues in quality control
  • Cord tangles easily
  • Some find it expensive

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Aiper Smart HJ1102 Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

A lot of robotic cleaners for in-ground swimming pools are relatively costly, some cost more than $1,000, and if you do like to spend a lot of money, we highly recommend the AIPER Smart HJ1102 pool cleaner.  Unlike other pool cleaners available on the market that get power through a cord, this cordless and compact pool cleaner works with the help of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This gives up to fifty minutes of working time for every charge. All you need to do is put the cleaner into the in-ground pool, and it will navigate from corner to corner and wall to wall, picking up sand, dirt, debris, and other particles.

When this vacuum pool cleaner is done picking up dirt or running out of power, it will stop automatically near a swimming pool wall, which allows you to pick it up easily using a hook. So, there is no need for you to dive into the pool to get the cleaner.

You can charge this unit in 3 to 4 hours, and it is able to clean a 15 by the 35-foot swimming pool on one charge only. It may not do as detailed a job as some costly and expensive models; however, it is considered a budget-friendly model, most particularly for light pool maintenance on a daily basis.


  • Compact and very lightweight pool cleaner
  • Rechargeable cordless style
  • Stops automatically near the wall of the pool so you can pick it up with ease
  • Recharges quickly. It only takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge


  • This just functions on flat surfaces or flat floors
  • Hard to clean steps

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Polaris P825 Sport Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

State of the art Polaris P825 has exceptional triangular trends that clean just about every corner and surface in the in-ground swimming pool.  The best thing about this pool cleaner is that it has the capability to tackle cove, stairs, and steps as well as a bench with ease. It also scrubs down your pool’s waterline.

Made solely for in-ground swimming pools of up to forty feet, it utilizes the company’s cyclonic vacuum system to capture dirt and debris without affecting or losing the suction power.

This vacuum pool cleaner comes with a transparent lid, so you are able to see the debris canister or bag to know if it is time to empty it. The Push N Go emptying technology saves you from touching or holding the filter contents. The big intake area sucks up big leaves and the remnants. It also has a caddy for fast and convenient storage. However, despite the many perks is that the cable sometimes knots or gets twisted up, which inhibits the ability of the unit to clean the pool effectively.


  • Can clean stairs, waterline, and coves
  • Big intake area for big debris
  • The canister is easy to empty
  • Comes with a robot caddy for fast and convenient charging and storage


  • The wire gets knotted or twisted.

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Cleaning in-ground pools should not be hard and complex. With the development of robotic pool cleaners for an in-ground pool, you can maintain the cleanliness of your pool as fast as possible. Listed above are just some of the bests. So, make sure to include any of the products mentioned in your list.