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Summer is just around the corner. Having a backyard pool comes with the liability of cleaning as well as maintaining it. On the other hand, that is where we normally show our lack of knowledge and unawareness. Having a swimming pool cleaner machine will get rid of the issues. If you had believed cleaning a swimming pool would take many hours, you’re wrong. At this point, due to the advent of technology, pool vacuum cleaners are effective, reliable and efficient, and able enough to get a task done fast. Therefore, prior to giving the best 11 pool vacuum cleaners, it’s wise to know why you need a pool cleaner and the many kinds of pool cleaners available. 

Why You Buy a Pool Cleaner? Here are the Many Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Buying and having a swimming pool vacuum cleaner can add convenience. There are many reasons why you must buy a pool vacuum cleaner. Here are the perks provided by pool vacuum cleaners. Check this out!

Energy Effective:

Swimming pool vacuum cleaners, like robotic vacuum cleaners, do not consume too much energy to get the task done. Because of this, the pool vacuum cleaner saves a considerable amount of money and doesn’t break your bank account. This also eliminates the call for hiring the services of swimming pool cleaners, so it’s very economical. 

Effective Job/Work:

Pool vacuum cleaners are able to get the task done in an efficient and better way. Aside from that, this also takes a short time to complete the cleaning process. They can save your time, and you do not need to see whether they’re properly functioning or not continuously. 


One of the main perks of pool vacuum cleaners is being user-friendly. Some models are integrated with pre-installed programs. Therefore, you do not need to keep these units under your monitor. You need to put it in your swimming pool and switch it on. That is how easy and user-friendly the pool vacuum cleaner is. 

How To Look for The Most Excellent Pool Vacuum Cleaner? Buyers Guide

Purchasing a vacuum cleaner for your pool isn’t a simple task. There are a massive number of choices available in the market, and each one comes with amazing features and specs. You’ll need to think off different things prior to settling on the right model.

Manual or Automatic

The list of best pool vacuum cleaners above combines automatic and manual options. Both automatic and manual vacuum cleaners have their pros and cons. For example, manual cleaners are cost-efficient and let you pay additional attention to your swimming pool’s specific segments.

However, automatic ones provide fast and stress-free cleaning, which requires no supervision. Nevertheless, a lot of automatic models are prone to miss some areas of the pool. So, choose between a manual and automatic vacuum cleaner according to your functional requirements.

Corded or Cordless

When choosing either automatic or manual, you need to make an exchange while selecting from the cordless or corded pool vacuum choices. A cordless cleaner is lightweight, user-friendly as well as provides better coverage. However, they aren’t that dependable with the battery-powered running time.

On the other side, a corded one is hard to operate and often encounters limitations because of the size of the cable. But they offer more dependable non-stop vacuuming workings or operations.


If you want convenience, it is advisable to opt for a cordless automatic swimming pool cleaner. The robotic models often have both of these features.

Suction Power

Constant tracks, a full filtration technology, or a pre-programmed steering system, all the features mentioned definitely put value on the working of the unit. On the other hand, you cannot maximize these features if the appropriate suction power does not accompany them. In spite of having good maneuverability and vacuum traction, it cannot bring in needed results if the suction power isn’t good enough. Therefore, make sure to consider the power rating of the pump.


A lot of users don’t pay attention to this feature when purchasing a pool vacuum cleaner. They just come to know about its significance when they encounter issues and complexities in providing a complete cycle of utter cleaning to their swimming pools. So, it is highly recommended to keep in mind this feature if you are in the market for a new pool vacuum cleaner.

If you want a corded pool, you need to ensure that the power cable adequately covers the whole swimming pool. Assess this distance by the close power outlet you will utilize. In the same way, when purchasing a robotic or automatic pool cleaner, make sure the seller can cover the whole swimming pool without the need for supervision.

Filtration System

A high-quality product should capture all the debris and dirt stains in your swimming pool’s water. The product’s specifications can provide you with the concept of how effective the filtration system is. What is more, you need to choose between bagged and bag-less filtration systems. A bagless filtration usually comes in contemporary models. This pool cleaner is a removable filtration chamber that you can clean quickly and make reusable.

However, old models are integrated with filtration bags that need extensive cleaning after use. If budget is not an issue, you can buy a bag-less filtration system as it is a more effective and hassle-free mechanism.


All dependable manufacturers provide their pool cleaners with specific time-bound guarantees. In the same way, all components which come with the product should be covered with a warranty.

Pool Dimension

 The very first thing that you’ll need to consider when buying a pool vacuum cleaner is the dimension of your pool. Some models work effectively in a small swimming pool, while other models work efficiently in big pools. With regards to cleaning a big-sized swimming pool, opt for a robotic pool vacuum cleaner since this product gets the job done effectively and competently. 

Easy to Setup

 Another good thing you have to consider is the installation or setup process. Given that a swimming pool vacuum cleaner is intended for your own convenience, you need to pass over those products that involve the hard process of setting up. It’s a wise idea to buy swimming pool vacuum cleaners which are simple and easy to install and don’t need any bother. 


Swimming pool vacuum cleaners today come at diverse prices. You can find one that is cheap and the one that is highly-priced. Choose one that depends on your needs. It’s a wise plan to know your budget and how much you want to throw into the purchase of a vacuum cleaner for the swimming pool. Being clear of the budget available will get rid of many other options and, at the same time, confine the choices up for grab within your reach. 


This is another factor that you have to be aware of when purchasing a pool vacuum cleaner. Investing in a swimming pool vacuum cleaner is costly, and you do not need anything which stops working after a little bit of application. Therefore, ensure that the swimming pool vacuum cleaner you’re planning to purchase is intended to utilize durable material and is tough to take the jobs. 

Kinds of Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners – Which is the Best and the One You Need

Regarding different kinds of swimming pool vacuum cleaners, you find three kinds of pool vacuum cleaners. These swimming pool vacuum cleaners function amazingly to get rid of the pool’s grime and dirt. Here are the many kinds of pool vacuum cleaners available. 

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

This kind of pool vacuum cleaner is considered the most state-of-the-art and effective pool vacuum cleaner, which can complete the task as fast and efficiently as possible. The automatic robotic pool vacuum cleaner comes with an ergonomic style and is relatively simple and easy to control and function. Pool vacuum cleaners do not need any manual attempt since they’re programmed in such away. This type of pool vacuum cleaner is able to gather and collect even the tiniest dirt in the pool. 

Suction Pool Cleaner

This is also a very popular kind of pool vacuum cleaner, which needs a running swimming pool to complete the task. This type of vacuum cleaner for the swimming pool will need the pool’s intake and utilize the pump suction power to clean dirt and debris. This kind of pool vacuum cleaner will need more power to maintain and clean it.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner

This is the most dominant kind of swimming pool vacuum cleaner. Pressure Side Pool Cleaner is relatively effective in sucking medium to big-sized dirt. There are two kinds of pressure-side pool vacuum cleaners. The initial one needs a booster pump, and the other one needs a filter pump. This is the best and number one pick for anyone searching for an affordable and budget-friendly choice. 

Manual Pool Cleaners

If you are searching for a pool vacuum cleaner that is not just effective and efficient but also available for a low price, manual pool cleaners are a perfect choice. The main disadvantage of this product is that it is time-consuming. You’re the only one channeling the cleaning. On the other hand, this kind of pool vacuum cleaner can reach the small crevices and spaces too. 

Best 11 Pool Vacuum Cleaners You Can Think of Buying in 2022

Therefore, if you’ve made up a decision to buy a new one, we reviewed the top pool vacuum cleaners available to clean the pool effectively. 

BEST OVERALL: Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you are searching for an all-purpose swimming pool vacuum cleaner, the Dolphin Nautilus CC automatic robotic pool cleaner is the best and ideal option. This reliable robotic pool vacuum cleaner utilizes its filter to keep the swimming pool clean and tidy, leaving the filtration system to do its task. This pool vacuum cleaner is perfect for a swimming pool less than 33ft in length. This will clean most swimming pools in just two hours. This pool vacuum cleaner utilizes the CleverClean system to check the swimming pool and makes sure that it cleans every area of your pool. 

The integrated filter comes with a big capacity, allowing this pool vacuum cleaner to collect and pick up leaves and debris. It also comes with a full-width scrubber, enabling you to thoroughly clean the slippery spots of your pool, leaving behind a tidy surface. 


  • It thoroughly cleans 33-foot-long swimming pools in just a matter of two hours.
  • Does not need a pump or hose
  • Adjustable cleaning schedule
  • Instantly cleans walls and floors


  • It is integrated with an anti-tangle feature that is not consistent
  • Super lightweight might lead to gliding or sliping-on pool wall corners 

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BEST FOR IN-GROUND POOLS: Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Walls in the deep end are considered the hardest areas of your in-ground swimming pool that is hard and complicated to clean. Worry no more because an automatic in ground pool vacuum cleaner is able to do this job effectively and efficiently. 

When it comes to automatic in ground pool vacuum cleaners, one brand that stands out from the rest is the Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner. For an auto-pool vacuum cleaner to handle deep parts of the pool, it requires making powerful suction and gives much traction. 

State-of-the-art MX6 vacuum cleaner from renowned brand Zodiac utilizes the suction-side of your swimming pool to make cyclonic power below that enables it to go to the deep end’s walls of the pool with no trouble.

This pool vacuum cleaner is integrated with a more than 30 feet modular hose, which allows you to lengthen or shorten it to fit your cleaning needs. This also works in above-ground swimming pools.


  • The integrated flow regulator automatically manages performance 
  • Tough tires for better wall-climbing traction 
  • The swivel hose connection resists coiling


  • Requires 1.5 HP pump to work efficiently and effectively 

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BEST MANUAL: U.S. Pool Supply 14″ Weighted Flexible Vacuum Head

If you are looking for a manual pool vacuum cleaner that is reliable and efficient in cleaning your pool, look no further than U.S Pool Supply 14-inch Weighted Flexible Vacuum Head. It does not need to invest a massive amount of money to keep the swimming pool clean and tidy. If you do not mind manual work, you have to buy this. This pool vacuum cleaner is the best choice.

The integrated 14″ wide head feature flexes to suit the curves and crevices of ground swimming pools. Also, it is lightweight, which makes it simpler to eliminate grime and dirt from the hardest to clean corners despite the depths.

This pool vacuum cleaner is also suitable for 1 ½ inch and one ¼ inch hoses; therefore, it tends that your existing vacuum hose surely matches this vacuum cleaner without fuss or any problems. While the U.S Pool Supply 14-inch Weighted Flexible Vacuum Head does not have a vacuum or pole, it will set off your existing setup, giving superior cleaning of your swimming pool. 


  • It is integrated with wheels that assist move it along the sides and bottom.
  • It is also integrated with a spring-loaded head to an improved angle during vacuuming or cleaning.
  • Ideal to use if you have a concrete pool


  • Some users experience missing parts or components that shippers
  • Spring might be loosed than favored 

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BEST PRESSURE-SIDE: Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

This pool cleaner is a combination of sweeper and vacuum combination propels with 3 jets and has 31ft hose, enabling it to reach even the deepest corners of mid-sized in-ground swimming pools. These pool vacuums clean both the walls and floors of your pool, and the integrated tails assists get rid of algae as well as tough dirt. It comes with a big filtration bag that is easy to clean, and you can reuse it.


  • This cleans all types and styles of the in-ground swimming pools in just a matter of three hours
  • Takes account of back to gather all grime and debris  
  • Gathers big debris via 2.25-inch inlet 
  • Integrated with a 31-foot feed hose


  • The integrated full filter bag can tip the vacuum cleaner to one side
  • It might take so much time to get the best suction

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BEST SUCTION-SIDE: Zodiac Baracuda G3 Advanced Suction Side Pool Cleaner

State of the art Zodiac Baracuda G3 Advanced Suction Side Pool is really an exception, utilizing the filtration system of the swimming pool to make suction and go all over your swimming pool. This pool cleaner can dirt-free the walls, floor as well as the steps of your swimming pool. 

The integrated 36 fin disc made of rubber enables this pool vacuum cleaner to traverse filters and lights and tuck itself into your above-ground swimming pool’s tight or curved angles. The pool cleaner has only one moving component, which makes it easy to maintain. It also comes with 40ft hose that covers most mid-size swimming pools without any pressure and issues. 


  • Able to work with a low power pump
  • Works silently, auto-operation with just one moving component 
  • High quality yet affordable


  • This pool cleaner is not able to clean or handle big debris
  • The hose might be short 

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BEST FOR ABOVE-GROUND POOLS: XtremepowerUS Automatic Pool Cleaner Vacuum

If you have an above-ground swimming pool and searching for a reliable and dependable pool vacuum cleaner, XtremepowerUS Automatic Pool Cleaner Vacuum is the best choice. 

This is among the best pool cleaners that will free pool owners from cleaning jobs for the above-ground swimming pool. This dependable and trustworthy suction side vacuum hooks the existing filter system of your swimming pool. It follows an unsystematic pattern around the pool, collecting debris and cleaning all the dirt as it goes. It is also lightweight, and you find it easy and simple to heft over the floor and wall of your above-ground swimming pool. 

This is also integrated with the right size and length of hose that covers a 16foot x 32foot swimming pool. The fins are made of soft rubber that enables a slowly and gently hit inside the swimming pool, keeping it radiant clean. 

On the other hand, it does need ¾ HP pumps to run and operate. But, with sufficient suction, it will climb and get rid of the dirt on your swimming pool walls. 


  • The base of the pool vacuum cleaner is thick for improved suctions on any pool surface.
  • This hooks to the current pool filtration system
  • Instantly cleans your swimming pool up to 32 ft


  • The hose does not fit other attachments 
  • Does not pick up big debris well 

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Dolphin Premier In-Ground Pool Cleaner 

If you are searching for a budget-friendly pool vacuum cleaner without compromising the quality, Dolphin Premier Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner is the best choice for you. Each company has its high-performing top model, and this one is for Dolphin. This is compatible with many filter cartridges as well as big leaf bags. 

Energy conservation is a concern when it comes to pool upkeep and maintenance. When your pool is clean, this is not a wise move, but the power bill is soaring high. This pool vacuum cleaner is integrated with an extremely efficient DC motor, making it one of the best models for energy conservation. 

When it comes to cleaning capability, you’ll not find a product than do a better task than this one. The company stands behind its products with a generous warranty. 


  • Filter bar or filter cartridges 
  • Very effective motor
  • Great cleaning 
  • Three-year warranty


  • Expensive

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Polaris F9550 Sports Pool Cleaner (Robotic In-Ground)

The state-of-the-art Polaris F9550 pool vacuum cleaner is among the most popular robotic pool cleaners, which is made for the convenience of swimming pool owners. This in ground vacuum cleaner is integrated with four wheels for covering the area or surface of your swimming pool. Aside from that, this is also integrated with Vortex Vacuum Technology which allows you to pick up big dirt and debris as of its maximum suction power.  

It can clean even the toughest spots on hard-to-reach and tight areas and corners. A seven-day customizable program will get the things completed for you even if you’re stuck on some tasks. 


  • Easy to set up and use 
  • Easy to lift function, so carrying and lifting it from your swimming pool is a breeze.
  • The integrated Vortex Vacuum Technology assists in effectively cleaning the swimming pool.


  • Short and small cord length 
  • It doesn’t work well on swimming pool steps 

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OASE 032232 Pondovac 4 Pond Vacuum Cleaner

Algae can damage and wreck your swimming pool, which makes it look ugly and nasty as well as be very dangerous to swim in, most especially to the little ones. It doesn’t matter if there is a growth of algae in your pool or pond, it is highly recommended to eliminate them effectively and adequately, and there is one product that can assist you with that task. This is the Oase Pondovac pool vacuum cleaner.

This pool vacuum cleaner is apart from the rest because it comes with an array of nozzle attachments. These are useful for eliminating all kinds of dirt, which takes account of string algae.

This amazing pool vacuum cleaner comes with one chamber suction technology. It instantly alternates between draining and suction, which means you do not need to carry it out manually. If the chamber is already full, it empties it automatically.

This vacuum cleaner is also integrated with an extremely powerful 1200- watt motor that has an utmost suction height of 6 feet. If you have a deeper pool, you might need to pick a different kind of pool cleaner. On the other hand, flexibility and strong suction make cleaning your swimming pool easy and fast.

The company has made its reputation for itself as one of the most excellent producers of pool vacuum cleaners in the world. This pond vacuum cleaner is able to clean your swimming pool effectively and instantly conveniently. This pool cleaner is integrated with great suction as well as lives up to expectations. 


  • Integrated with good suction power to pick up debris and dirt 
  • Easy to assemble and work to get the task done.
  • It is integrated with an array of attachments and two hoses 


  • There is an issue in the quality of this product 
  • A little bit expensive compared to other products mentioned 

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Aquabot Rover Junior Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

. The Rover Junior Pool Vacuum Cleaner from Aquabot is here to assist you in picking up dirt and debris efficiently and effectively. All you need to do is just switch on and then drop it in the swimming pool. Regardless of your pool size and shape, this state-of-the-art robotic pool vacuum cleaner will provide superb and exceptional performance. 

This is regarded as a plug-and-play swimming pool vacuum cleaner. What makes this apart from the rest is the included 24-volt pump motor which offers powerful vacuum suction as well as jet-drive propulsion. This also features a reusable filter container for better and greater efficiency. 

This pool cleaner is initiated with a power switch and a very powerful vacuum action for over efficiency and strength. This pool cleaner comes with 40 ft long cable with a swivel function to avoid tangles and, at the same time, promote a flawless operation.        

If you compare this pool cleaner to pump-driven models, state of the art Aquabot Pool rover reduces maintenance expenses. It enables you to utilize fewer chemicals present in the water. Another good thing about this pool cleaner is that it only weighs 10.5 pounds, which makes it super light for greater convenience. What is more, it just takes half an hour for the cleaning cycle to finish.


  • Integrated with a wide and long cord to power this robotic pool cleaner 
  • Effectively cleans your swimming pool as well as sweeps off some algae, too.
  • Great value for your money 


  • The long wire or cord gets tangled, and you need to fix it manually 
  • The quality of the wheels can be better

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Best Budget: POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Cleaner

This budget-friendly pool vacuum cleaner is made for above-ground swimming pools and spas, ponds as well as fountains. So, provide your yard water features a thorough and deep clean with this handy and state-of-the-art pool vacuum cleaner. 

All you have to do is to connect this to the garden hose, soak it under the pool, and you are good to go. The force and pressure from the garden hose will make suction to draw or pull in dirt and grime into the included bag. 

The water pressure picks up and gathers dirt and debris. On the other hand, the suction is able to assist in getting rid of stains from the deepest part of your swimming pool. 

The integrated big nylon net bag comes with a fine mesh style to contain all forms of dirt, even fine pieces of debris and dirt. It also comes with a strong buckle to secure the bag firmly to the unit. 

The bottom head has brushes to assist with attracting debris and dirt, while the two pulleys assist in pulling up dirt fast, which saves you energy and time. 

If you like to keep things easy and simple, then this manually operated pool vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice. It is integrated with a brush head and mesh debris collection container, and all you need to do is hook it up to a garden hose. 

This pool vacuum cleaner fits a standard garden hose; however, the hose is not included, as you might have guessed. Make sure it is totally soaked before you switch on the hose. 


  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive 
  • Takes account of the aluminum pole 
  • East to store and very compact 


  • The hose is not included 
  • Spray water if not totally soaked or submerged 

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Hopefully, this review and buyer’s guide have helped you know more about the various kinds of pool vacuum cleaners. Armed with vital information, you must be able to look for the right model that really works best for your swimming pool at the best possible price.