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The most exemplary pool vacuum robot is an excellent option if you’re looking to save money while maintaining a healthier, cleaner pool. Aside from cleaning the pool surface, these robots are specially designed to eliminate pool dirt or other problems that may have formed. Innovative automatic navigation, brushes, suction, and quick cleaning times make the best pool vacuum robots efficient. For this reason, when we tested the vacuum pool robots on the list and found the best quality and function. We found out that there are many brands that offer the same quality and function. But considering our top list will surely make your pool cleaning much faster and better. Below are our top picks for pool vacuum robots. Please do check them out!

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Our Top Pool Vacuum Robot Review

The task of finding the best Pool Vacuum Robots can be daunting. Using a defective or non-effective unit may damage your pool, and you spend money on repairs and replacing the unit. There are thousands of pool cleaners available in the market, and choosing the best one might lead you to scratch your head and drain your pocket dry. Once you’ve chosen the best one, you’ll never want to clean your pool with ordinary pool vacuums again.

There are several factors to consider while selecting the best pool vacuum robots. We’ve narrowed the possibilities down to just a few to make things easier for you.

Best Overall- Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

With 70 gallons of suction force, the Nautilus CC Plus is ideal for semi, large and medium pools. This vacuum has a dual brush that makes it easy to clean the waterline and the rest of your pool’s surfaces. A 60-foot tangle-free chord design is the only drawback to this power cord. The power chord has a swivel that can move 360 degrees to avoid tangles and wear and tear.

Typical for pool vacuums, this model can finish cleaning your pool in around one and a half hours. The vacuum’s automatic navigation cleaning system makes it stand out in this category. The Nautilus CC Plus uses CleverClean to create a 3D map of the surfaces to clean your pool as efficiently as possible. This pool cleaner has a long 2 year guarantee that protects you from any manufacturer’s faults or quality issues.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is your one-stop shop for all of your pool cleaning needs. The Nautilus has a powerful suction motor, dual filtration system, and twin side brushes to handle in-ground pools up to 50 feet deep. Or perhaps you have other things to do? Depending on your preferences, you may set the Nautilus to clean your pool every day, every other day, or every third day. Keep in mind that there is no associated app for the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, so you must make all of your changes directly on the vacuum.


  • Very lightweight
  • have a Tangle-free cord
  • have a Waterline cleaning functionality


There is no caddy included in this package.

Hard to follow instruction manual

Unit doesn’t have a cleaner timer

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Best Pool Vacuum Robot Runner Up- Polaris F9450 Robotic Pool Vacuum

This unit is the most effective cleaner on this list. Compared to similar models, its suction is twice better and more effective. This means this particular unit can clean the pool faster. In addition to cleaning the sides and bottom of the pool, this model can also wash the pool itself. Only this model can sweep the pool waterline, which is generally the most unsightly portion of pools and a part that many robotic pool cleaners can’t get to.

The F9450 has a lot of customizability. With a one-week cycle setting, you can perform multiple cleanings each week. With fine dirt, it’s a little less than ideal. Depending on where you live, you may not have to spend extra money on a fine-dirt filter to keep your pool crystal clear. This model would have taken the top spot if the fine-dirt filter had been included.


  • Quick and easy cleanup
  • Scrubs the walls and the floors of the pool
  • programmable cycle of seven days
  • Mode restricted to just the waterline


  • Cleaning isn’t ideal for fine dirt

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Best in Ground Vacuum Pool Robot- Dolphin Premier

This model has a 75-gallon-per-minute flow rate, allowing it to clean much faster without sacrificing the overall function and efficiency. This amount of suction is ideal for pools that accumulate dirt and debris. Multiple filter types are also available, including hefty options like ultra-fine and bottom load. As a result, you’ll have greater freedom to make the cleaning better. However, you see fit. Use the larger filter to remove leaves and other big particles. The ultra-fine filter is capable of removing fine debris and sand. Check out the top kitchen vacuums for more high-quality products that keep your house clean and free of odors.

This wire is 60 feet long, which is astounding in and of itself. However, the most excellent part of this pool vacuum’s swivel function. This will save you time and money by preventing tangles while using the unit for extended periods. Although this new tech ground pool cleaner’s cleaning time is one of the downside features, it doesn’t always imply poor. If you use this vacuum to clean your pool, you may be unable to get back into the water for up to three hours. However, its sophisticated navigation algorithm provides a thorough clean. A more extended warranty for a product that costs so much, and you’d be accurate with this one, so expecting a warranty will pop up first in your mind because this type of robot vacuum needs better maintenance to function perfectly. The Dolphin Premier comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • a cutting-edge navigating system
  • Extended warranties
  • Equipped with dual brush


  • Cleanup takes a long time
  • Expensive
  • Remote doesn’t work well

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Best In ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner Robot Runner up- Hayward W3PVS40JST

As far as pool cleaning goes, the Hayward W3PVS40JST is an excellent choice. Hayward’s self-adjusting turbine blades on the vacuum are designed to give maximum power independent of the water flow around it. This is available in two- and four-wheel-drive configurations. The heavy-duty tires can clean 20-by-40-foot in-ground pools, making them ideal for pools with unusually high or low elevations or drains. Finally, the Hayward has a number of internal cleaning procedures that begin when the left wheel is turned around so that cleaning may commence.

It’s good to know that the Hayward is powered by your pool’s current pump/filtration system, so you won’t have to worry about battery life. The suction port on your skimmer is connected to the vac by a 40-foot hose. Three different suction throats are available, depending on the cleaning task at hand. The Hayward W3PVS40JST may not be the greatest choice for your pool if you don’t want to use the existing pump or if you want an app to help you clean it, but it’s powerful and made to last.


  • Regardless of the shape or texture of the pool, this product cleans it
  • It features four huge wheels for cleaning large pools
  • In terms of value for money, it’s a steal
  • When it comes to tires, this vehicle has some of the market’s bests


  • Not Programmable
  • The pool cleaning process takes a long time
  • Vinyl and fiberglass tires would necessitate a different set of tires.

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Best Cordless Vacuum Pool Cleaner- Aiper Smart Cordless Pool Cleaner

The Aiper Smart Cordless Pool Cleaner is an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget and need a pool vacuum. The Aiper’s 2600mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 50 minutes of runtime, making it ideal for above-ground pools with flat surfaces up to 538 square feet in size. When the vacuum is empty, it will take three to four hours to re-fill it.

The Aiper uses two motors to zoom around your pool with cleaning technology. Two micron-sized particles may be pulled in by the dual suction doors, guaranteeing a pristine pool when the machine is done.

The vacuum incorporates adjustable wheel sockets so that you don’t have to worry about damaging your pool’s bottom. The Aiper Smart Cordless Pool Cleaner does an excellent job of cleaning your pool without breaking the bank, but it doesn’t have wall-cleaning or complex scheduling functions.


  • Extremely simple to use
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Astonishing cleaning outcomes
  • Automated Navigation


  • Battery needs improvement

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Best Budget Pool Vacuum Cleaner Robot- Zodiac MX6

The Zodiac MX6 pool robot cleaner has arrived to make pool cleaning easier and faster. It’s a bargain at a price that won’t cost you too much, and it’s incredibly efficient at cleaning. Because of its small size and high cleaning efficiency and power, the Zodiac MX6 is among the most outstanding automatic pool cleaners on the market today. It is integrated with the advanced Navigation system to clean your pool efficiently. As an extra benefit, the robot vacuum cleaner is highly energy efficient. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you should choose a model that is energy efficient.

The Zodiac MX6 robotic pool cleaner struggles a bit with heavier waste particles. It also sometimes malfunctions in innovative navigation capabilities. A few times while using it, we noticed that it started going in circles, but this is easily remedied. As for cleaning time,  a medium-sized pool will take about 2.5 hours to clean. Overall, the Zodiac MX6 is the best option for those on a tight budget who require a pool cleaner.


  • Variable speed pumps
  • Helpful carrying handle
  • Compact and powerful in a single package


  • No Reverse function
  • Easily get clogged
  • Tends to move in a circular motion

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Best Value Pool Vacuum Cleaner Robot- Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

As expected, the Dolphin brand made our list for the second time. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is our “best value” model since it costs less than our most expensive model. A two-year guarantee is included with this device. Additionally, the warranty shows that the company is eager to vouch for its goods. As expected from Dolphin models, this device cleans the pool really well.

On top of that, the unit is a breeze to use. Any ordinary outlet may be used to power it, and there is no need for hoses. There is a chance it will take a few cycles to do the task. Even though most of us are happy with a few cycles, most people aren’t satisfied with just one. In order to receive a fantastic deal, you’ll have to deal with certain inconveniences.


  • An easy-to-use system
  • Great price
  • It comes with a two-year guarantee
  • Great for cleaning on the floor and the wall


  • May need to run on multiple cycles

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Best Value Pool Vacuum Cleaner Robot Runner Up- Dolphin Escape

The brush has sturdy rubber tracks, and the smart navigation system of the Dolphin Escape makes it an excellent choice for cleaning debris and grime from above-ground pools. There is value to be found here if you’re searching. With the Dolphin Escape, you get the best features at an affordable price. We were blown away by how quickly and efficiently this pool cleaner could clean a whole above-ground pool in just 1-2 hours. With its hyperbrush and dual motor power, and high-grip rails, this robot pool cleaner can move more quickly than most other options we evaluated.

The Escape’s Smart automatic navigation mapping system was one of the more outstanding features. The robot begins scanning as soon as it enters the water to make sure it cleans every part of your pool. Except for the pool’s walls, this vacuum cleaner is a success because of how well it kept the rest of the pool in pristine condition. The Dolphin Escape can efficiently deal with even enormous dirt piles and leaves debris.


  • Ideal for use with above-ground swimming pools
  • a pool pump isn’t necessary for it to work
  • Handle large debris with ease


  • Cant clean pool wall
  • Doesn’t have a cleaning timer
  • No remote control

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Best Balance Price and Performance Pool Vacuum Robot Cleaner- Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Vac

This unit has an excellent price-to-performance ratio. This model is a good option for those who don’t want to fork over a thousand bucks. The machine includes an extra-large single cartridge that you can withdraw from the unit to facilitate cleaning. Pool mapping automation is also included, which identifies your pool’s shape and produces the best cleaning method. The unit has a 4-wheel-drive system also makes it capable of scaling even the steepest incline with ease.

If anything goes wrong with your X4, you’ll be covered with 3 years of warranty. This unit l will likely fail within two years of use, necessary warranty service for the remaining 30% of its useful life. Compared to other versions, this one performs better than average in pools that feature 90-degree wall connections, which is just averagely priced.


  • Equipped with a large cartridge
  • Pool mapping automation
  • Sleek design


  • Service for warranty is required
  • Doesn’t work well on 90-degree walls

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Best Speed Cleaning Pool Vacuum Robot- Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum

TigerShark is Hayward’s top-of-the-line, fastest-cleaning model pool vacuum. This vehicle’s most distinguishing feature is its top-notch acceleration. It can finish the cleaning within 90 minutes or less, which is faster than any unit now on the market. Due to its cartridge’s easy clean technology, this mechanical pool cleaner is quicker and more efficient to clean. In addition, you won’t have to use an ample amount of time setting up a one-button press.

It’s a shame that this model comes at such a high cost. As long as your one and a half hour cleaning time period is crucial to you, it may be worth the product’s price. Keep in mind that most unit cleaners take about two to three hours, so it’s a little slower. It weighs 40 pounds, making it the heaviest pool cleaner on the market. If you suffer from back pain, avoid this product. All in all, it’s an excellent product; however, the RC9990CUB is overpriced for what it provides, and it’s too heavy and bulky for many people.


  • Very easy to operate
  • Cleaning the Cartridge is a breeze
  • 90-minute fast speed cycling operation


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

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Best For Vinyl Pool Robot Vacuum Cleaner- Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner

Consider the Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner for a highly low-cost robotic pool cleaner. Most of the other units on this list cost twice as much or more. It’s up to you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of buying this model over others. On the other hand, vinyl pools will love this design. Large wheels at the bottom of the pool make quick work of any impediments.

It tends to get trapped in corners. Vinyl pools rarely have this problem, while concrete pools often do. Additionally, the cord is prone to being tangled. That implies it may not access a large chunk of your pool until it is disentangled. As a result, dusty environments are not a good fit for this model. Despite its low price, this particular unit has enough flaws that most users won’t enjoy.


  • Cheap
  • Work best for Vinyl pool
  • Good design


  • Prone to chord tangles
  • Doesn’t clean small dirt particles
  • Easily gets stuck on corners

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Why do You Need a Pool Vacuum or Cleaner Robot?

As long as you know what you’re doing, you may save money on cleaning and removing large to fine dirt and debris by using the correct swimming pool robot vacuum if you struggle with debris (by trees, regularly uncovered, in a windy area, etc.) and can benefit from regular cleaning by using this powerful and efficient pool vacuum robotics. Algae and mold can thrive in a pool if the debris remains in the water for an extended period (a mess that you don’t want to see in your pool). So regular robot cleanings can help extend the life of your pool, and it may not even cost that much electricity to do so.

When fitted with fine filters, a mechanical pool vacuum may also gather dirt and other debris that a person or even a professional pool cleaner could miss. This is especially helpful if you have an extra-large pool because your pool’s filtration may not handle all of the debris.

Another advantage is that there is no added back pressure because they are not connected to your swimming pool’s filtration system and pumps. The latest robotic cleaners may be operated for as little as ten cents per hour! For this reason, 150-200 watts is the equivalent of a mere single bulb.

A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

You should already know what makes a fantastic pool cleaner or what truly makes a model you want to disregard from our reviews. When shopping for one of these great gadgets, it’s always good to check over the buyer’s guide to make sure you’re aware of all the options and features that may be available.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Pool Vacuum Robot

These are the features or factors you need to consider in buying your Pool Vacuum Robot. Remember, not all Pool Vacuum cleaner has the same quality and use. This might help you, so please keep reading down below.

Unit Application

The original generation of pool cleaners could only clean the pool’s bottom. Even though maintaining your pool clean is still the most critical task, newer models can do more. Aside from cleaning the pool’s bottom, these robotic pool cleaners can also climb the walls.

A “scrubber” is the name given to the fourth type of pool cleaner. Leaves on the water’s surface are no match for a scrubber designed to float on your pool’s surface and collect waste. In other words, a scrubber won’t clean the pool’s walls or the floor, but it will reduce the number of massive particles an underwater pool cleaner has to work with.

Surface Compatibility

While we made an effort to select pool vacuums that could be used on various surfaces, they all function similarly. Swimming pools can have a variety of surfaces, including vinyl, fiberglass, concrete in the gunite style, and pebble and tile. For the time being, we won’t go into detail about the benefits and drawbacks of each of these pool surface types, but you should look for a filter that has explicitly been graded for use with the kind of surface in your particular swimming pool.

Having a robot that could potentially damage your pool’s surface is the last thing you want to deal with on a long-term basis. Our Hayward pick costs so much because it’s designed to function on any surface without inflicting any damage.

Tangle Free Cable

Tangle-free chords are one crucial advantage of the newer version of pool vacuum robots to function without the need for a large water supply hose. A much skinny cable is used instead, making the complete ensemble more lightweight and energy-efficient. Electric cords, on the other hand, are prone to be tangled. An overly tangled power line can cause the robotic pool cleaner to be lifted off its base or sides, effectively rendering it inoperable.

Because a tangled connection gets shorter little by little as it becomes more tangled, the pool cleaner unit may be unable to reach the farthest reaches of your pool. The cords on many of the robotics units are made to prevent tangling. This allows the chord to freely rotate and avoid getting snagged on itself by using a mechanical swivel attached to the cable. Gyroscopic systems steady the cord to prevent tangling, and the MD systems dramatically reduce cord tangles in the top-tier versions of cord management.

As long as your pool isn’t too big, you can get away with a particular model equipped with a nice swivel, but you may want to spend more money on a reduced tangle system if you have a bigger pool.

Cable Length

A lot depends on the unit setup when it comes to cable lengths and your specific requirements. Installation or plugging in a “control unit” and then a cable from the control unit to the robot are standard features on most types of these robots. The cable’s length will be determined by where you intend to plug it into the control unit.

Although there is no easy way to tell, you can take precise measurements before purchasing and choose a longer and thicker chord to ensure no problem with your purchase. If you wind up needing an extra extension chord, don’t make the mistake of assuming that anything will do.

Choose a location for the control unit (based on your electrical arrangement), and measure the distance to your pool. A couple of lengths of your pool should be determined in helping to calculate how far the bot will have to travel inside the pool. When you don’t know what to do, ask for assistance from a qualified pool technician.

Pool Size

Larger pools could lead you to believe that a much better pool cleaner is required. While more powerful units function faster, having larger pools may not be many advantages.

Rather, the power line’s length is the fundamental constraint for a robotic pool cleaner. A smaller pool can be cleaned with a shorter cord. There is, however, a nonlinear link. As a result, the pool cleaning zone shrinks by a foot when the cable is cut.

Power cords can only reach as far as a sphere’s radius if their base station is located in its center. The volume of a sphere’s surface divided by its radius or potential cleaning surface is known as a cubic relationship.

Debris Cleaning Capabilities

In addition to a conventional pool cleaning, a skimmer may be necessary if many things, such as leaves, fall into your pool. Due to various filters and suction and collecting mechanisms, not all cleaners are equivalent in their ability to remove all forms of material from the surface.

Most high-end models come with interchangeable filters, so you may tailor the data they collect to your specific needs. Extensive debris filters, such as the kind found on most of them, are designed to capture large things like leaves. While some filters have pores small enough to collect dirt and bacteria, others are fine enough to pick out the algae.


Our vote goes for the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, thanks to its many cleaning options, intelligent control, and swivel tangle-free. If you’re looking for a tremendous two-year warranty, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is an excellent choice. It’s the most acceptable overall value for your money because its price is not that high. We hope that our article reviews and buyer’s guide on robotic pool cleaners have been helpful to you. Using that data can help you get a fantastic deal on a model that suits your needs. Other units included in our list are all certified good pool vacuum cleaners for any type of pool. Good luck choosing the best one for your pool needs.